some lollapalloza picks for you…
see you on friday

1. Prototype - Outkast

2. Dance, Dance, Dance - Lykki Li

3. Sea Legs - Run The Jewels El-P

4. Time Will Tell - Blood Orange

5. Four - Jagwar Ma

6. The Only Shrine I’ve Seen - Darkside

7.  Halftime - Nas

Warpaint Live at Nos Primavera Sound, Porto, 2014. Photos by Ana Guedes.

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Happy Birthday, Jenny Lee Lindberg!

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Happy 33rd birthday Jenny Lee Lindberg!

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Happy Birthday Jenny Lee Lindberg!

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DJ set @ Jimmy (Lollapalooza aftershow)





Warpaint, shot for Modzik 

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Warpaint by Beau Grealy.



Warpaint by Beau Grealy.



Describe yourself…

Emily: Wild child dancing little chieftess.
Theresa: Sugar, spice, all things nice.
Stella: Snare, tom, cymbal, sticks, kick.
Jenny Lee: Gorgeous, glamorous, genius, gifted, great.

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