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Warpaint live @ Pickathon Festival 2014 (Woods Stage) (via camyya)

Bees * Keep It Healthy * Composure * Undertow * Love Is to Die * Billie Holiday * Beetles * Disco//very * No Way Out

@jennylibrary Bobo misses you” (via instagram).

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@warpaintwarpaintofficial at @utopiafest

Such a phenomenal weekend. I finally got to shoot one of the bands who inspired me to try and shoot concerts when I first saw them last year. Seems like I’ve taken a few good steps in life. Not to mention the fact that I was fortunate enough to meet them and chill for a bit. Such a phenomenal weekend. Fuck yea.

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Live @ Lollapalloza 2014 (via camyya)

Keep It Healthy * Bees * Undertow * Love Is to Die * Drive * Beetles * Disco//Very * No Way Out * Elephants

Warpaint @ MS Dockville 2014 by Vincent Ducard (via instagram). 

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014 (via instagram).

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014 (via instagram).


Emily Sings, b/w

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014.


Emily Sings II, b/w

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014.

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014 (via instagram).


Whaddup emily #warpaint

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014


Theresa wayman and her sexy ass mustang #warpaint

Warpaint @ Utopiafest, TX / 09.13.2014

Interview with Theresa from Warpaint →


  • Did you come from a musical family? Were your parents musical?

Yeah, my dad was always playing guitar and singing. Him and my mom would sing us songs before bed… really great folk songs like “Pretty Peggy-O” and “The Water is Wide” and “Danny Boy” and “Freight “Train”… Even though we were didn’t have much money, they made it a point to buy a piano and my mom taught me how to read music when i was 8.

  • What was your first musical memory?

Like I was saying before, my mom and dad playing music to my sister and I before bed… I must’ve been 4 or 5. Those were very profound moments and my earliest encounters with the idea that myself or someone I know could play music. It felt so cozy and special and like there was nothing more soothing in the world.

  • What was the first album you bought?

Van Morrison “Moondance” and Al Green “I’m Still In Love With You”.

  • How did Warpaint come together?

We were all friends, living in LA and playing music individually and just decided that we should try playing together.

  • What’s your creative approach when songwriting?

Jammin’… just letting it fly!

  • What was the first track written for the album Warpaint?

The song called “Hi.”

  • Warpaint tours a ton. What have been some of your strangest moments on the road? 

It’s been strange the whole way. Touring is like that movie ‘Groundhog Day’… same day over and over. The backdrop is changing, but the routine is the same.

  • You put on an amazing live show. How do you create your setlists?

We fight it out in a ring… last one standing gets to make the call… and the other 3 lay dead and bloodied on the floor.

  • You’re playing Utopiafest this year. What are you most looking forward to about the fest?


  • Do you have a quote or motto that you live by?

No, but if i did it would have to do with personal freedom and the value of self expression and joy and gratitude and being kind and compassionate and living every day like there’s no tomorrow, but also caring for the future and the environment!

  • What advice would you give to musicians just starting out?

Trust in your ‘voice’ and do it with passion.

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Warpaint, ZOA, August 2014